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The Jonas Thermal Mask is a safe and reliable help when performing outdoor activities in cold weather. The Thermal Mask keeps your body warm in the cold air and protects your respiratory system and the blood circulatory system against damage which can be caused by the cold. The mask has a set of cells made of steel, which retain the warmth of the air exhaled to warm up the cold air inhaled. In addition, the cells moisten the cold air to a suitable degree for the human body.

Efficiency according to weather or demand

The Jonaset breath-warmer can be attached to a scarf, hood or a collar band. According to the weather or your personal requirements, you can use either the thinner white warmer or the thicker blue warmer, which is more effective. Jonaset scarves, hoods and collar bands are available in a variety of delightful colours. Jonasport warmer stays firmly in its place using only a velcro band. If required you can also mould the steel network according to the shape of your own face.

Whether out working or training you can enjoy the warm feeling in the cold

Jonas masks are an irreplaceable aid for those who have to do work, do sports or any other type of activity outdoors. Sufferer’s of respiratory and heart ailments have especially benefited from Jonas masks. Warm air is easy to breathe and has a positive effect on the body temperature balance. Jonas masks create memorable moments even in freezing cold weather.

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